This 2.5 – 3-hour course introduces Microsoft Power BI and how to analyze data using Power BI. Attendees will walk away with specific knowledge on how to source, organize, visualize, and publish dashboards for data visibility and analysis. Attendees will also receive a free handout of valuable information for how to use Power BI their everyday work, tips and tricks, and other useful concepts for learning and using Power BI.

Who is Ectobox (5 minutes)

Power BI Overview (15 minutes)

  1. What is Power BI? General use cases (business use case, Internet of Things use case)
  2. Power BI Desktop
  3. Power BI Online Service
  4. Power BI Mobile app

Connecting to Data (30 minutes)

  1. Cloud Service – Business related data using a cloud-based service (demonstration only)
  2. On-Premise data – Shipping/Logistics performance data from Microsoft Access or SQL Server database (hands-on experience in class)
  3. Date table

Modeling Data/Data Cleanup (30 Minutes)

  1. Measures/DAX (Conceptual)
  2. Column Re-ordering, etc.

Q&A (5 minutes)

Break (15 minutes)

Visualizations (30 Minutes)

  1. Types of Visualizations – Charts, Maps
  2. Slicers
  3. Filters

Publishing (15 minutes)

Q&A (5 minutes)

What is 1 thing you learned or found interesting? (5 mins)

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New Horizons Pittsburgh


August 16, 2018

Only 24 Seats Available!

2 Sessions

9:00 am - Noon
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Kevin Jones @ Ectobox and
Jeff Tatusko @ NHPittsburgh

Food & Snacks Provided

Morning Session
Coffee, Sweets & Bagels

Afternoon Session
Sandwiches, Sides & Soda


$100 Amazon Gift Card, One Free Office Class